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How to claim your 50 bonus:-

1.Open an account at Betfair using a valid promo code.

2.Bet at least 5 on their Sportsbook at odds of at least 1/5 (1.2) within 30 days of opening your account.

3.Win or lose,Betfair will give you a free matched bet of up to 50.

**Or use the banner on the right to claim a 20 free bet + 1000 cashback in their exchange + 200 Casino bonus.

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Our Betfair bonus rating is 5/5

We have given the Betfair bonus our maximum rating of 5/5 because it is probably the best free bet bonus offer available from any of the top bookmakers and betting exchanges.Not only do you get a choice of claiming a 50 free bet in their NEW sportsbook,if you use the banner on the right you can also choose to claim a 20 free bet + 1000 cashback during your first 30 days of betting with Betfair + an option to use a 200 Casino bonus,which is a fantastic DOUBLE package EXCLUSIVE to us,and they are the biggest and best betting exchange in the world.The Betfair bonus offer is an amazing offer and anybody who takes there betting seriously really must have a Betfair account as part of a betting portfolio.They offer on average 20% better betting odds than you would  receive at a traditional bookmaker so it really must be the account that you use to bet with the most.When your first start betting with them you have to pay a 5% commission on all your winning bets but you do not have to pay any commission on your losing bets.The more you bet with them then the less commission you have to pay on your winning bets and it is possible to get your commission rate down to as low as only 2% by using your account to bet with the most.

Betfair promotion code 2015

You need to use the Betfair promotion code 2015 BOB201 to claim the 20 free bet and 1000 cashback +200 casino bonus,but on our site the promotion code BOB201 is automatically entered for you when you use the banner on the right to get to their website to open an account with them,so there is no need to worry about entering the promo code whilst opening your account.It is very easy to open an account with them and you will notice that the "Promo Code for Betfair" BOB201 has been entered in the promo box for you already on the signup page.Once you have opened your account you can start betting straight away and simply place a 20 bet and if it loses they will refund 20 back to your account.You then have 30 days to build up as much cashback as you can,and the most cashback you can is a massive 1000,so the more you bet with them then the more cashback you are going to get.They are the biggest and best betting exchange in the world with more than 3 million customers worldwide,so if you are looking to make your betting pay in the long run then you really should have an account with them.It is where all the professional gamblers do their betting as bookmakers are very quick to close or put a limit on stakes to anyone showing half a clue nowadays.

By:Gary Lester
Copyright 2017
Betfair bonus code - BOB201
If you use our special bonus code "BOB201",then you can claim a 20 free bet + 1000 cashback + 200 casino bonus offer and claim them all as part of your signup package!To take advantage of this DOUBLE offer from Betfair,you simply need to click on the banner above and you will then find that the bonus code has been automatically entered in the promotion code box for you!
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