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Bonus-betting-offers.com is a private concern.With over 30 years in the gambling industry,we feel we are best placed to use the contacts we have built up in that time to bring our customers the very best and latest bookmakers betting offers and bonus promotions that are not only available in the UK,but worldwide also.

We aim to keep the website updated daily with the very latest bookmakers free bets as there is nothing worse than finding an offer that is out of date and no longer valid.

We want to keep our customers informed of a particular offer rating,and we are in the process of rating and writing a review of every promotion on our site as we want a very good user experience.

We also appreciate customer feedback about the bookies betting offers,so if you want to write a review and email it to us we will be very happy to read it and consider putting your review on our website.

Gary Lester is our chief sports journalist,and he writes about the up coming sports events for the month ahead on our homepage at the start of each month,expressing his views about all the sporting action that is going to take place.He has picked some very big winners in his column at odds of 100/1,50/1,33/1 etc,so you may pick up some value by following his selections.The key to making longterm profits from gambling is been able to back selections at much bigger prices than there true chance of winning are.The law of averages says that if you consistently bet at prices 5% bigger than they should be,then your overall profits should be 5%.Most professional gamblers are very happy with a 2% - 4% gain,as it is very hard to beat the book.

Gambling can become very additictive,and many punters develop a habit of losing more than they can afford to lose,which affects their social lives as they start borrowing money from friends and family to gamble with.Do you think this might be you?If the answer is yes,then we urge you to stop all your betting activities straight away and seek advice about your problem from professional people such as Gamcare or Gambleaware.

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